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November 25, 2015

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving season, I asked a number of friends and colleagues within NCH what makes them thankful.  Here is how some of them answered.

  • My children and health are great gifts I’ve been given.  It is the little things in life.  When we work here, we don’t take things for granted. -- Deborah Gobiel, RN SICU
  • All of my experienced colleagues, who have been so helpful with their willingness to share their knowledge and experience.  I am also very grateful for the RN resident program and taking the chance on brand new graduates.  I'm glad to be developing my skills as a nurse at a facility that fosters knowledge and best practices. -- Jamie Benigno, RN.
  • My health and my family. -- Mary Villani, RN SICU.
  • That our medical insurance starts at day one, as I needed it.  -- Lauren Brooks, RN.
  • I’m thankful for my family and my new job. -- Karen Peter, CT 6N.
  • I have experienced the other side of the doctor-patient relationship and it is so comforting to have compassionate and competent folks who care. -- Dennis Stapleton, MD, Cardiovascular Surgeon.
  • My health and just having a fantastic set-up locally for open heart surgery, so we don’t need to leave town.  This was not always the case. -- A recent grateful patient and former NCH surgeon.
  • I’m grateful for good health, pay, and to be in a land where we can be prosperous. -- Maria Cilibrasi, Environmental Services, 6 North.
  • Good health and still able to work at my age, which is considerable! -- Smitty Smith, Environmental Services.  (I hope to be in as good shape with the same great spirit when I’m Mr. Smith’s age!)
  • Making everyone happy as I cook and living in a country where dreams come true.  Both my daughters finished college and I’ve been with NCH for 12 years and in America for 20. -- Lumturi Karuni, Cook.
  • Living less than five minutes from my work and windows in our new beautiful building. -- Kristal Ruiz, Unit Secretary NCH Northeast freestanding ER.
  • Everything and being part of NCH for the past 14 years. -- Agnes Jean, Unit Secretary NCH Northeast freestanding ER.
  • For living in a safe country, where we can raise a family and not have to worry about my wife and kids while I’m at work unlike the chaos in the rest of the world. -- Bryan Murphey, MD, Internist.
  • To keep up, have a good team, and keep people together. -- Edenne Charles, CT Brookdale Center.
  • For the breath I breathe, blessings of the Lord, family and friends. -- Pete Padillo, Engineer North Naples Hospital.
  • For being alive and healthy, for each other and positive in our work and when we talk to patients every day, having the best institution and beautiful care. -- Judith Bond, CT 5th Floor North Naples.

Like our colleagues, I, too, am thankful for so many things—not the least of which is to work with so many extraordinary, caring people.  As I was rounding on the 5th Floor of the Baker Tower on the North Naples Campus last weekend, I saw that someone had placed the following quote on the white board, “Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”  I could not agree more.

I wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.   

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Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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