Straight Talk - A “family friendly workplace” makes everyone a winner.

April 21, 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Over the past several years, NCH has won a number of awards for which we are always grateful. But the one we received recently is particularly gratifying.

The Naples Alliance for Children named NCH as the Family Friendly Business 2011 Employer of the Year. In presenting the award, Myra Shapiro, Business Chair of the Alliance, stated, “This designation recognizes employers who find ways to help employees balance the needs of their families with the demands of their jobs. NCH’s child care centers and family-oriented events are great examples of what earned the 2011 Family Friendly Workplace designation.”

We are so pleased to receive this award. We all know that balancing work lives with personal lives means employees can do their best in both areas. A “family friendly workplace” makes everyone a winner.

And that brings me to three wonderful stories that may explain why we’re thought of so highly in the community.

• Our respected and experienced weekend night Administrative Coordinator, RN Jeanie McCree, shared the following email about 6 North RN Christie Mays:
“On her way to the cafeteria early Saturday, Christie noticed a young lady in the SICU waiting room—crying and distraught. Christie comforted her, brought her blankets and a pillow to assist in getting the patient’s wife comfortable. Up to that time, wife felt alone. The woman shared with me how grateful she was for Christie's going out of her way to care. Christie certainly demonstrated grand care and compassion. Please join me in sending thanks to Christie.”

• North Naples ICU Critical Care Coordinator Brigitte Bennett sent along the following two complimentary emails. The first one was to supervisor Hill Madhere was about environmental service worker Iris Pastoriza.
“On behalf of the North Naples ICU staff, we wanted to let you know how much we think of your employee, Iris Pastoriza. She is such a hard worker, ensuring that our ICU rooms are thoroughly cleaned. And while some nights she may be completely overwhelmed with work, Iris always remains very pleasant, with kind words to say and a smile on her face. Iris is a model employee, and I certainly hope you are as proud of her as we are!”

The second email was to Scott Wiley, Director of Respiratory Therapy, about our North Naples Respiratory staff: “I wanted to drop you a line to commend you on your fine night shift RT staff at NN. Every one of your RTs is a pleasure to work with. They are very responsible, take their jobs seriously, are always willing to help, answer any and all questions we may throw their way, and go the extra mile for the ICU staff and patients here. In particular, Tom McCue treated a patient suffering from congestive heart failure and educated her on the exact cause of CHF, even taking the time to explain how it affects the lungs on a pathophysiology level, while keeping it in laymen's terms. Tom truly made a difference to this patient. He not only fixed her respiratory problem, but he calmed her. I certainly hope you are as proud of your staff as we all are!”

As these anecdotes show, our NCH people care about the community and truly make a difference. We’re “family friendly” because most of us recognize there’s nothing more important than serving the ones we love.


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO
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