Straight Talk - "Thanks this Thanksgiving season"

November 15, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Let me give thanks this Thanksgiving season to some of those who make NCH the unique institution it is.

  • Our wonderful 1,200 NCH Volunteers have helped to raise $95,000 in grant funds through NCH Auxiliary events, which have been awarded to various internal departments, enhancing patient satisfaction. Downtown recipients included the ER, Gulfview Suites, Palliative Care, Infection Prevention, Oncology, Orthopedics, 2N, 3N, 3S, 4N, 4SE, 6N, and 6S. North Naples recipients included EVS, Brookdale, ER, Palliative Care, NICU, and the Breast Health Navigator. The Marco Island Auxiliary donated $15,000 to enhance the Marco Island Urgent Care. In addition, the three Auxiliaries have awarded $13,500 in important scholarships.
  • Approximately 120 volunteers in the Gift Shops and at the White Elephant have raised almost $200,000 for this fiscal year, all to purchase equipment for NCH. Thanks to the efforts of Diane Van Parys, Marianne Kaldany, and Bill Murdy, an Auxiliary golf tournament and a wine tasting raised $7,000 to enhance quality of care for O.P.I.S. patients. K. Sloane, White Elephant volunteer, started a “Go Green” campaign to reuse clear plastic hospital bags and increase sales; Carol Vega in Central Supply established a method to share clean supply bags; and K. Sloane uses these bags to display merchandise in a more professional manner and increase item value. Volunteers Pat Mullen and Tom Shuster assisted Beth Schroeder (AIH Coordinator) at a workshop to use art to heal and ease stress.
  • Bill Shirkey, Technical Director of Echocardiography, recently recognized two outstanding Cardiologists. He called on Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Tankut Onal to consult on a particularly vexing congenital heart abnormality in an adult patient. Dr. Onal helped resolve the diagnosis for this very complicated and rare anomaly. He also took time to carefully explain to the patient and her husband the extent of her condition. Bill said he was impressed with Dr. Onal's knowledge of complicated lesions and his willingness to help the patient and the Echo staff on his own time. He and his partner, Dr. Levi Novero, were extremely helpful and valued as consults for the emerging section of adult congenitals.
  • Bill also wrote about Dr. Bruce Gelinas, who dropped what he was doing to assist in helping an elderly, obese gentleman to the bathroom. The patient was very weak, and it took the two of them to assist him. Bill said the patient was grateful, and it was reassuring to work with someone like Dr. Gelinas, “who truly understands teamwork and has a genuine, caring attitude toward our patients and staff.”
  • At Respiratory Care Week, we recognized two therapists as “RT of the Year”—Tishia Reisinger of the Downtown campus and Julio Mendez of the North campus, both of whom exemplify the very best of the extraordinary men and women representing us as respiratory therapists.
  • Radiology recently celebrated the work of Dr. Yashodeep Jadhav, Radiology Technologist Carrie Knapp, her student Jamie Kempen, and recovery room RNs Stella Gyimah and David Schulze, all of whom worked tirelessly with a family whose child required a lumbar puncture to assess for an infectious disease. The child improved, and the parents were effusive in their thanks.
And so am I, for the diverse team of 4,000 colleagues, 650 physicians, and 1,200 volunteers, whose shared goal of improving our community’s wellness reverberates every day at NCH. Thank you all.


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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