Health Matters - "NCH Naples Heart Institute - at the ‘Heart’ of the Community"

NCH Naples Heart Institute - at the ‘Heart’ of the Community

By Kelly Merritt

Dr. FrankIt has been a year since the Naples Heart Institute opened. More than a dozen doctors comprise the team of Naples Heart Institute physicians, along with supporting medical staff.

But there is another variable in the Naples Heart Institute’s story of successfully taking care of patients—the community. Several significant donors stepped forward to help launch the Naples Heart Institute. That community support helped make the Institute a reality and continues to facilitate a world-class institute that saves lives.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have received significant contributions from key supporters in the Naples community to help launch the Naples Heart Institute,” said Jim Martin, NCH Healthcare Foundation Chief Development Officer. “As we move forward, the community will continue to play an important role in helping us expand our cardiology services.”

Naples Heart Institute Interventional Cardiologist and Medical Director Adam Frank, MD says one reason the Institute has generated so much support is a common goal for the highest level of cardiac care in Collier County.

“We are the largest unified cardiology group in the community sharing one very specific goal of providing the best cardiovascular care to our patients. That includes coordinating care among our 13 cardiologists and incorporating all the latest technologies in imaging and electronic health records under one roof,” Dr. Frank said.

Martin said when working with donors who make significant contributions, those donors often self-designate contributions based on the areas that interest them. “The key donors who helped fund the launch of the Naples Heart Institute likely had a special interest in cardiology, so those doctors can have even more resources to continue the work they do,” he said.

The NCH Healthcare Foundation has built important relationships that Dr. Frank agrees are crucial to the continued success of the Naples Heart Institute.

“We will continue to expand our community outreach and assure the highest quality cardiovascular care—we are now working in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and will continue to be on the cutting edge of science and prevention,” he said. “We are very focused on not only meeting but also exceeding national benchmark standards to better serve our community and bring the absolute best in cardiac care to area residents.”

In summary, Dr. Frank states: “By bringing the finest cardiologists in the community together to form the Naples Heart Institute, we are able to provide timely, quality- driven care seamlessly. Our efforts extend not only to outpatients, but patients requiring hospitalization, either at the North Naples Hospital or Downtown Naples Hospital. Having immediate access to patient records saves time, limits unnecessary testing and ultimately will lead to the best possible care and outcomes for our patients.”

There is always need, so to show your support for any NCH programs or specifically the Naples Heart Institute, visit or call 239-624-2000.

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