NCH Wound Healing Centers Offer Progressive Treatment Options

(Naples, FL) The NCH Wound Healing Center is celebrating its Fifth Anniversary as the first and most experienced wound healing center in Naples, Florida. The Center which began operations in Grand Central Station now provides services at three locations from Estero to Marco Island.. The facilities located on Davis Blvd and in Estero each offer two hyperbaric oxygen chambers. An additional NCH Wound Healing Center is located on the North Collier Hospital campus off of Immokalee Road.

Developed for chronic and non-responsive wounds to conventional treatment modalities, the NCH Wound Healing Centers have treated 2,764 patients with a 92.2% healing rate within the first 16 weeks of treatment. The average healing rate across the USA is about 80%. “Since we first opened, The NCH Wound Healing Centers healing rate has been above 90%,” states Michelle Zech, Director of NCH Wound Healing Center. “Our patient satisfaction scores, which reflect both our healing success rate and our customer service skills are superb,” she adds.

The largest group of individuals treated at the Wound Healing Center are diabetics with lower extremity wounds that will not heal. The Center also treats a great number of patients with arterial circulation problems; venous circulation problems; serious infections and patients who have received radiation with damage to surrounding tissues.

Surgical patients with non-healing operative wound sites and even plastic surgery patients who developed difficulty getting part of a cosmetic incision to heal properly can benefit from Wound Healing services. The process can assist failed skin grafts and prepare seriously damaged tissues for a skin graft.

The NCH Wound Healing Center is part of a large network of centers with the most advanced and latest treatments for a variety of wounds and problems.

The nurses are experienced in wound-care and understand the difficulties that patients face and are skilled in using the best and most innovative methods of bandaging these challenging areas. “All of the therapies are evidenced-based and driven by the best practices known in science to heal very difficult wounds,” states Robert Tober, MD, Medical Director of NCH Wound Healing Services. “The Centers have brought much relief from suffering to many people,” adds Tober.

The hyperbaric chambers are Medicare certified and treat patients who can not get enough oxygen to their wound in order for them to heal. These chambers are staffed by hyperbaric-certified nurses and physicians with more than 25 years of combined experience in treating wounds. The chambers are also used to help tissues damaged from previous radiation of cancers recover their function and blood supply after radiation has damaged the small vessels supplying these tissues.

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