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Toddler Play

What can I do to help promote play in my child?

While all children are different and may enjoy different toys and interactions, the following are suggestions for activities and toys for the toddler:

  • Toddler:
    • Needs space in which to play and explore
    • Likes sandboxes, swings, and playgrounds
    • Likes to imitate others by pretending to perform adult tasks
    • Likes to play in the water
  • What you can do as a parent:
    • Allow your child to help with chores
    • Read to your child
    • Regulate your child's television watching
    • Provide your child with a toy vacuum, pots and pans, and other housekeeping or work toys

Toys for the toddler:

  • Toys that can be pushed and pulled
  • Rocking horse
  • Toys that can be ridden safely
  • Balls
  • Playground equipment
  • Shovel and bucket
  • Music
  • Toys that can help with housework, such as brooms, a vacuum, and dishes
  • Dolls
  • Puzzles

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