Palliative Care

Purpose, Mission, & Vision

Palliative Care: An Interdisciplinary Team Consultation

Palliative Circle of Hands

At the NCH Healthcare System, our palliative care team knows that managing a new or complex illness can be difficult for you and your loved ones, both physically and emotionally. A stay at the hospital can be even more stressful as you juggle symptoms, treatments, physical or emotional discomfort and your family during a health event.

How to get a Palliative Care Consultation

A patient, family member or any healthcare professional working with the patient may ask the physician responsible for the patient’s care to request a palliative care consultation. A consultation can be ordered by your doctor at any time during your hospital stay.

Our Purpose
To provide excellence in every patient-family experience. We Value each person recognizing diversity and treat all patients and families with dignity. Our Team adheres to the highest ethical standards providing compassion, empathy, respect and sensitivity to the body, mind and spirit of those who we serve.

Our Mission
To provide compassionate, safe quality care embracing the unique needs of patients and their families in our community

Our Vision
To be a World-Class Leader of Excellence with compassion for those we serve.