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Oncology Services

Downtown Naples
350 7th Street North
4 South
Naples, FL 34102
tel: (239) 624-2900

Breast Health Navigator
941 4th Avenue N
Naples, FL 34102
tel: (239) 624-4988

(OPIS) Downtown
Telford Building
350 7th Street North
Naples FL 34102
tel: (239) 624-4370

(OPIS) North
Brookdale Building
11190 Health Park Blvd.
Naples FL 34110
tel: (239) 552-7747

NCH Breast Health Navigator

“Breast Cancer” – the words can be shocking to hear. NCH has a Breast Health Navigator to assist any breast cancer patient. The Navigator is a Registered Nurse that assists with education and advocating for the needs of patients. More specifically the Navigator does the following:

  • Helps patients with suspicious findings obtain a timely diagnosis and treatment;
  • Keeps communication open with providers, caregivers and patients in order to coordinate services within NCH, outside facilities and the community;
  • Makes sure that patients get to follow-up appointments and are aware of and can access needed services;
  • Directs patients to local and national community resources which can help with the cost of care and support during and after care;
  • Keeps in contact with patients from diagnosis, through care and aftercare to track their progress and provide support.

To contact the Breast Health Navigator, please call Deb D’Orazio, RN (239)-624-4988