Concierge Medicine


How do I enroll with an NCH Concierge Physician?

Patients should call (239) 624-8200 for assistance with enrollment. Interested patients will sign the membership agreement included in the folder and send it with the annual membership fee to 870 111th Avenue N., Ste 9 & 10, Naples, FL 34108

Is there a limit to the number of patients NCH Concierge Physicians can take?

Yes. NCH Concierge physicians see a limited number of patients. Once the limit is reached, a wait list will be formed, or another available NCH Concierge Physician will be offered to you. Smaller patient loads enable us to offer more personalized services, extended visits and 24/7 access. For this reason, it is important to signup quickly before the physician panel is closed.

Will my Medicare or supplementary insurance cover the membership fee?

No. Membership fees are the patient’s responsibility. If you have a Health Care Reimbursement Account, check with the advisor who manages it to see if this is a covered expense under the terms of your plan.

Will NCH Concierge Physicians accept Medicare and supplementary insurance reimbursement for office visits?

Yes. NCH will bill your insurance company and/or Medicare for office visits. Office visit charges and co-pays are not included in the annual fee. NCH Concierge Medicine is designed to work in conjunction with Medicare and/or your third party insurance.

What about the fees for tests, specialists, and hospital fees?

Those charges will be billed to your insurance (either private or Medicare) and will be reimbursed according to your benefits. You will be responsible for any fees your insurance determines to be the patient’s responsibility.

What happens if my physician is out of town or on vacation?

On the infrequent occasions when your physician is out of town or otherwise unavailable, another NCH Concierge Physician will cover your care. Even while out of town, your physician will generally be available by phone to patients or to the covering physicians.

What are the credentials of the physicians?

All NCH Concierge Physicians are well established physicians in the community and board-certified in their specialty. Individual CVs are available upon request.

I have never met the NCH Concierge physicians. Is it possible to meet with one of the doctors before making a decision?

Absolutely. We encourage you to contact our offices at (239) 624-8200 to learn more about the exclusive care you will receive with the NCH Concierge Medicine Program. You may also schedule a meeting with one of our physicians to discuss how this unique program can benefit you and your health. It is important that both the patient and physician feel that they can work well together to effectively address and manage all medical concerns.