Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine Enrollment

NCH Concierge Medicine Program Agreement

Service Amenities

The NCH Concierge Medicine Program provides premier service amenities as an adjunct to NCH Healthcare System in Naples, Florida. The service amenities currently offered by the NCH Concierge Medicine Program are listed on the schedule of benefits in the Patient Agreement (above), which may change from time to time

Annual Fees

NCH may increase the Annual Fees. The current Annual Fees for the Program are as follows. Please check the appropriate box for your desired status and provide the requested information:

Individual: $3,000

Children ages 5-26 may be added to an Individual membership. $1,000 per child ages 5-26 (with parent[s] signed up).

Payment of Annual Fee

The Annual Fee covers a 12-month membership, which is renewable annually upon payment of the Annual Fee.

Health Care Services Excluded from Annual Fee

The Annual Fee covers the cost of the service amenities and does not cover the cost of any health care services. You (or your insurance company) will be financially responsible for all health care services received from NCH Physician Group physicians and staff. NCH Physician Group will bill your health care insurance for those health care services furnished to you and covered by such insurance. You are financially responsible for any health care services you receive that are not covered by your insurance.

Co-Payments and Non-Covered Services

Medicare and private insurance companies require NCH Physician Group to collect applicable co-payments and other charges from patients for health care services. Therefore, you will be financially responsible for the following charges, which are not part of the Annual Fee:

  • Co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles for any health care services received; and
  • Charges for health care services not covered by health insurance.