Cardiac and Pulmonary Educational Opportunities

Welcome to the Shick Heart Center

Cardiac / Pulmonary Rehab Patient Education Class

Registered Dietitians will present information on dietary intake and supplementation that affect the cardiovascular system. Participants will learn healthy eating habits as well as specific information on cholesterol, dietary fiber, sodium intake and fats.

Emotional Wellness:
A licensed Clinical Psychologist will present information relevant to the emotional and psychological factors that affect patients with heart and lung disease. Participants will discuss
strategies to help cope with long-term illness and the potentially life-changing effects of living with chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

A licensed clinical Pharmacist will discuss the various drug therapies relevant to cardiac and pulmonary illness. Drug dosing and interaction will be addressed as well as the various side effects that can occur with drug therapy. A question and answers session will follow.

ADL’s and Energy Conservation:
Participants will learn what an Advanced Directive is and how it applies to their medical care. Topics will include the various types of Advanced Directives, how to enact an Advanced Directive and what to consider when enacting a directive.

Life Care Decisions:
Participants will be introduced to the issues effecting end-of-life care. Attendees will learn how to distinguish between life saving care and supportive care and the emotional and financial consequences that accompany this subject. Information on living wills, healthcare decisions and healthcare surrogates as well as community resources will be available.

Cardiac Risk Factors:
Participants will be given the basic tools necessary to identify those behaviors and habits that adversely affect a persons risk for a cardiac event. Specific information on diet, heredity and lifestyle modification will be presented.

A Registered Nurse will present information relevant to patients living with diabetes. Participants will be given specific information to help monitor and manage their disease process by way of diet, exercise, and medications as well as when to seek medical intervention.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF):
Instructors will present information to help the participant understand the causes of CHF, symptomatology, risk factors and associated medical issues. Attendees will learn how to appropriately manage CHF as it applies to lifestyle changes.

Call 624-4160 to register for all the classes listed above.

Learn more about Heart Disease, Diagnosis and Treatments

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