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Community Blood Center honors donor for giving his 20th gallon of blood!

It all started in 1952 with a bOSTON red sox ticket!


Fri. May 20, 2011: Bonita Springs, FL—The Community Blood Center in Bonita Springs honored Bonita Springs residnet Bill Stauffer for giving his 20th gallon of blood. Bill Stauffer has an interesting story to tell about how he first started giving and what propelled him to keep on giving; it all started with a Boston Red Sox ticket! In April of 1952 the Boston Red Sox were offering potential blood donors a free game ticket against the New York Yankees.  At age 17 Bill gave his first pint of blood, received his free game ticket, and got the chance to watch the Boston Red Sox defeat the NY Yankees. That single offer of a free game ticket got Bill to give blood and made him realize just how easy it is to save a life. Since then Bill has made it a lifetime endeavor to give blood as often as he can in whichever city he has resided within. Nearly 60 years later he continues to give almost every 56 days in SW FL at the Community Blood Center, Bonita Springs. Each pint of blood is separated into red cells, plasma and platelets so that 3 local patients can benefit from a single pint. Over the years Bill’s 20 gallons of blood has helped to save the lives of a whopping 480 people!  As shown below Community Blood Center representative, Laura Rosen, presents Bill with a 20 gallon commemorative plaque as well as a special T-shirt compliments of the Boston Red Sox.

You are never too old to give blood!


On June 9 Mr. Edward VanBezey celebrated his 93 birthday at the Community Blood Center by giving platelets.  He has been giving blood in Naples since 1958 and it is estimated that he has given over 50 gallons of blood.  He has donated 36.5 gallons of blood products since 1994!

pics:  First time donor, Jennifer Berkel with long time donor Ed VanBezey

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