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November 2015 "The Dangers of Alcohol"
November 2015
"Passion at Work"
October 2015
"Why Avoid Soda"
September 2015 "Spinal Stenosis"
August 2015 "Obesity’s Economic Burden"
July 2015 "There’s An App for That on Your Smartphone"
June 2015 "Soothing Massage as a Stress Reliever"
June 2015 "Aging & Generational Competences"
May 2015 "Leadership Lessons From Legendary Marine General Mattis"
May 2015 "Shifting from Sedentary to Active"
April 2015 "Adult Vaccinations"
April 2015 "Loneliness"
March 2015 "We Are What We Think We Are … or How to Avoid Aging"
March 2015 "Comfort Food"
February 2015 "Progress with Integrative and Functional Medicine"
January 2015 "Women Are Different In Their Health Needs"
January 2015 "The Significance of Colors in Our Lives"
December 2014 "Access to Care"
December 2014
"The Human Touch"
November 2014 "Cataracts & Their Treatment"
November 2014 "Failing in Order to Succeed"
October 2014 "'Smart Pills' and Newer Technologies in Healthcare"
September 2014 "The Heat Is On—How To Stay Well In Hot Weather"
August 2014 "Big Data in Healthcare"
July 2014 "Affordable Care Act—2014"
June 2014 "Computers and Robots in Our Brave New World"
June 2014 "Weight Loss Suggestions and Science"
May 2014 "E-Cigarettes—Good or Bad"
May 2014 "Mindfulness—Paying Attention To What Is Important"
April 2014 "Mentally Strong People"
April 2014 "Testosterone Supplements—Good or Bad"
March 2014 "The 'Ironic Effect' - and How to Avoid It"
March 2014 "We Are What We Eat"
February 2014 "The Female Brain"
January 2014 "High Deductible Healthcare Insurance"
January 2014 "Chinese Medicine"
December 2013 "Prostate Controversies"
December 2013 "What Makes Boys and Men Different from Girls and Women?"
November 2013
"Tobacco, Obesity, Alcohol, As Cancer Risk Factors"
"Gossip and Rumor"
October 2013
"How To Improve Your  Health Care"
September 2013
"Eating Better For Less"
August 2013
"Shingles Vaccine"
August 2013
"Work-Life Balance"
July 2013   "Eating Wisely"
June 2013
"The Healthiest Community"
June 2013
"Choosing Healthcare Wisely"
May 2013
"Why We Behave the Way We Do"
May 2013
"Some Truths about Obesity"
April 2013
"Excessive Soft Drink Consumption and Obesity"
April 2013
"The Destructive Behavior of Sociopaths"
March 2013
"Preventing Alzheimer’s"
March 2013
"Misconceptions about Aging"
February 2013
"Guns, Violence, and Public Health"
February 2013
"Advancing Our Common Interests"
January 2013
"Overtreatment … An Unexpected Harm; Digital Medicine … A Potential Cure"
January 2013
"Smart People Keep on Learning"
December 2012
"Gift Giving At Holiday Time"
December 2012
"Quality of Life—What Makes Naples So Special"
November 2012 "Sleep Well For the REST of Your Life"
November 2012 "What Is Happiness?"
October 2012 "Complementary and Alternative Medicine"
 September 2012 "Familial Estrangement"
August 2012 "Communicating Non-Verbally:  Body Speak"
August 2012 "Vaccination Is the Best Protection"
 July 2012 "Exercise to Live Longer and Better"
 June 2012 "Precision Medicine"
 May 2012 "Dangerous Clothing"
 May 2012 "Listen Better and Understand More"
April 2012 "Discussing Life Expectancy in the Elderly"
April 2012 "How to Assess and Improve Your Memory"
March 2012 "Age-Related Macular Degeneration—A Silent Thieve"
March 2012 "The Importance of Very Early Childhood Development"
February 2012 "How Do We Relate To Others - Mudita or Schadenfreude?"
February 2012 "Aging Well Through Exercise" 
 January 2012 "The 'New' Flu Shot" 
January 2012 "Friends and Friendship—Personal and Professional"
December 2011 "Pharmaceutical Marketing"
November 2011 "The “Positive Psychology” of Emotions and Behavior"
November 2011 "Smoking Cessation" 
October 2011 "What Can We Do About Obesity?" 
September 2011  "Nurses’ Prescriptions for Patients and Families"
August 2011 "Balancing Life Stress"
August 2011 "Some Better News About Cancer"
July 2011 "Clinical Preventive Services for Older Adults"
July 2011 "Food Addictions"
June 2011 "Dad’s Health: A Priority on Father’s Day"
May 2011 "Imagining Success"
May 2011 "Mom’s Health First On Mother’s Day"
April 2011 "How To Help Yourself or a Loved One Navigate the Healthcare System"
April 2011 "Artificial Intelligence In Medicine"
March 2011 "Yoga, the New 'Old' Medicine"
March 2011 "Self Control in an Age of Excess"
February 2011 "The Value of Prevention in Physical Exams"
February 2011 "Three Characteristics of a Longer Life"
January 2011 "Cancer—Opportunities to Improve"
January 2011 "The Placebo Effect"
December 2010 "Superbugs—Fact or Fiction"
December 2010 "How Video Games Are Changing Our Lives"
November 2010 "Counting Calories When Dining Out"
November 2010 "Functional Families in Modern America"
October 2010 "Diagnostic Radiation—Both Good and Bad"
October 2010 "Health Literacy Can Save Lives"
September 2010 "Parenting, Grandparenting, and the Modern American Family"
August 2010 "Drowning—a Preventable Tragedy"
July 2010 "Taking Your Medications Faithfully"
June 2010 "Prostate Cancer Screening Controversies"
May 2010 "Left Handedness"
May 2010 "Osteoporosis - the Silent Crippler"
April 2010 "How To Live To One Hundred"
April 2010 "Prescription Drug Addiction ­ An Under-Recognized Problem"
March 2010 "Coffee - Good or Bad"
March 2010 "Why Don't People Exercise?"
February 2010 "LOVE CONQUERS ALL"
February 2010 "How To Be A Better Patient"
January 2010 "Caring For Yourself"
January 2010 "Memory Problems - Benign or Serious"
December 2009 "Transparency Drives Healthcare Data to Become Information, then Knowledge"
December 2009 "Fall Prevention and Balance"
November 2009 "Two Simple Steps to Reform – and Improve – U.S. Healthcare"
November 2009 "We Are What We Eat"
October 2009 "End of Life Decisions"
September 2009 "Depression—the Under Recognized and Growing Problem"
August 2009 "Genetics in Medicine—Predicting Your Future"
July 2009 "Comparative Effectiveness . . . or What Works and What Doesn’t?"
June 2009 "Smoking Induced Lung Cancer—Who Is At Risk"
May 2009 "Weight Loss—What Works and What Doesn’t"
April 2009 "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"
March 2009 "Smoking Cessation"
February 2009 "Does Complementary & Alternative Medicine Really Work?"
January 2009 "A Case for Healthcare Reform"
December 2008 "Personalized Health Care - A Gift from Science"
November 2008 "Infection Control"
October 2008 "Sleep Apnea"
September 2008 "Electronic Prescribing"
August 2008 "The Value of Physical Exams"
July 2008 "Diabetes: The Newest Tragedy"
June 2008 "A Father’s Day Present—Exercise and Avoiding Injuries"
May 2008 "A Mother's Day Present - Screening for Breast Cancer"
April 2008 "Health Care Economics in the U.S. and Abroad"
March 2008 "Generic Drugs - What Are They?"
February 2008 "What is Global Healthcare?"
January 2008 "Insomnia: Why Can't I Sleep?" 
December 2007 "The Best Way To Choose the Right Hospital"
November 2007 "Arthritis: Do You Have It?"
September 2007 "Why We Are Not Dying of Heart Disease?"
August 2007 "Communication in the Internet Era"
May 2007 "Lung Cancer in Women—You Have Come a Long Way, Baby"
April 2007 "How Will the Changing Physician and Nurse Supply Affect Your Health?"
April 2007 "Alcoholic Beverages - Curse or Blessing?"
March 2007 "How to Help Your Physician Help You"
February 2007 "Obesity—the Next Epidemic"
January 2007 "How To Live Longer"
December 2006 "Total Joint Replacement: Staying Young Longer"
November 2006 "The Geriatric Imperative"
October 2006 "Plague, Pandemic Influenza, Avian Flu or Media Event?"
September 2006 "Why Quality Counts"
August 2006 "Summertime and the Heat is On"
July 2006 "Why Go To An Emergency Room?"
May 2006 "Osteoporosis Prevention: A Gift for Mother's Day"
March 2006 "Why Hand Washing?"
February 2006 "A Woman’s Heart"