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Common Smoking Cessation Methods
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On November 19, 2009, The NCH Healthcare System will join its regional colleagues, Physicians Regional Medical Centers, and Lee Memorial Health System in becoming tobacco-free campuses. This means that all tobacco products including cigarettes will not be permitted anywhere on NCH owned or leased properties.

The challenge of quitting smoking can be immense and the NCH Healthcare System will support its work force in meeting this challenge head on. NCH offers several resources for helping you to break the habit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Creating the desire to quit smoking may not be instantaneous. Take the time to educate yourself on the various methods available to help you quit. Its not a one size fits all solution. Methods that work for one person, may not prove very effective in others. Wanting to quit is the first step. Whether it be for health, financial, spiritual or other reasons; quitting smoking can be achieved. Help is a “click” or phone call away.