Monthly Health E-News April 2011

April 2011

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Breast Health News
This month's featured topic: Needle Biopsies for Breast Lesions Recommended over Surgical
For a woman with an abnormal mammogram, the next step is usually a biopsy to look for cancer cells. But in many cases, doctors are choosing a more invasive surgical biopsy over the preferred procedure - a needle biopsy.
Also in this issue: Early Detection for Breast Cancer
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Diabetes Health News
This month's featured topic: Networking Sites for Diabetes Vary in Quality
Social networking sites are a popular way for people to connect in cyberspace. But for people with health conditions like diabetes, the quality and accuracy of some sites is lacking.
Also in this issue: Tips for Searching the Web
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For Your Child News
This month's featured topic: Teen Drinking Often Starts at Home
Underage drinkers don't have to work too hard to get access to booze, says a new report.
Also in this issue: Is Your Teen Abusing Alcohol?
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Heart Care News
This month's featured topic: Air Pollution and Heart Attacks
Stuck on the freeway again in rush hour? The smoggy air from all that exhaust can raise your risk for heart attack.
Also in this issue: Keeping the Air Clean
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Men's Health News
This month's featured topic: PSA Testing Could Become a Thing of The Past
How often do men need PSA screening for prostate cancer? Depending on the results, maybe only once, according to a new study.
Also in this issue: Prostate Problems
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Mind & Body News
This month's featured topic: Long Life for Knee Replacements
Just like the battery bunny that keeps chugging along, replacement knees are still working well 20 years out.
Also in this issue: What Is an Artificial Knee?
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Women's Health News
This month's featured topic: New Heart Disease Guidelines for Women
Women have unique health challenges, and that includes their risk factors for heart disease. So the American Heart Association (AHA) says guidelines for the prevention and treatment of heart disease in women should be unique, as well.
Also in this issue: Key Heart Disease Definitions
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