Monthly Health E-News August 2011

August 2011

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Breast Health News
This month's featured topic: Breast Implants Have Limited Lifespan
Women who get silicone-gel breast implants shouldn't be surprised if they need to have them removed a decade down the road, the FDA says.
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Diabetes Health News
This month's featured topic: Increase in Diabetes Risk Linked to High-Dose Statins
The drugs you take to help protect against a heart attack may raise your risk for type 2 diabetes, researchers say.
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For Your Child News
This month's featured topic: Scars of Bullying Can Be Long-Lasting
Bullying is not a normal part of childhood, and children who experience bullying may continue to feel its effects into adulthood.
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Heart Care News
This month's featured topic: Multiple Blood Pressure Readings Give More Accurate Diagnosis
One reading at your doctor's office is not enough information to accurately gauge your blood pressure, according to new research.
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Men's Health News
This month's featured topic: Erectile Dysfunction Tied to Sleep Disorder
A follow-up study on men with restless legs syndrome (RLS) confirms that having the sleep disorder increases the risk for impotence.
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Mind & Body News
This month's featured topic: A Cleaner Colon Is Key to Effective Screening
Proper bowel cleaning before a colonoscopy makes it easier to spot precancerous polyps, and avoid costly repeat tests, says a new study.
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Women's Health News
This month's featured topic: Hormone Therapy May Lower Risk for Artery Disease
Not all data on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is negative: A new study says that HRT may help prevent peripheral artery disease (PAD).
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