Dr. Pia Myers & Pediatrics

Dr. Pia Myers Brings Experience and Enthusiasm to The Pediatric Emergency Department

By Liane Edixon

The NCH family has a new addition, the Medical Director of the Pediatric Emergency Department, Dr Pia Myers. She is very excited to work in Naples and she praises the great sub-specialists, hospitalists, intensivists and a local community of pediatricians already established in the area.

“My goal is to enhance the existing pediatric emergency services at NCH by creating a kid-friendly environment for the purpose of providing even more excellent medical care for children of the Naples community,” Dr. Myers explains. “I envision a pediatric area for the NCH North Naples Hospital Emergency Department with a child-focused décor where kids feel comfortable. A place that will make parents happy, too.”

This fits perfectly with the philosophy of NCH that has focused on providing services to the most vulnerable members of the community for a long time. They have a full range of pediatric services from treating the critically sick to progressive care to standard pediatrics. They know that children cannot be treated as small adults and they help children and parents cope with medical emergencies which makes all the difference when dealing with a crisis.

Building on the inpatient Pediatric Department ocean-themed SeaCAREium, Dr Myers wants to create a separate area for kids that has an aquatic beach theme and Disney World atmosphere where the focus is on kid-friendly fun. She wants the walls to look like water and toys and games to be available for kids so the emergency room doesn’t seem so scary.

“Being in the E.R. is never fun for anybody, but I want people to say, ‘We came and we got great care,’” she says. “Honestly, I’ve always been a little kid at heart – fun loving and easily relating and interacting with children. And now as a parent, I can under¬stand from a different perspective, which helps me empathize with any parent with an ill child,” Dr. Myers says.

NCH’s goal is to provide specialized pediatric care so people don’t have to drive out of town. Pain and anxiety are common problems in the ER and it is important to help children alleviate both. “A calm and soothing environment will contribute and other techniques like painless and needle-free injections for IV’s or an anti-anxiety medication will relax the child and may result in a better outcome,” Dr. Myers says. She continues, “I am incredibly excited to work towards making this a pediatric ER that the community has wanted and needed.”

The special pediatric area is expected to be completed by early Fall 2011. When children come through the E.R. they will be redirected to this area.

Born in Calcutta, India, Dr. Myers traveled extensively as a child of Peace Corps parents. She’s lived in places like Bangladesh, Liberia, Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a doctor after having been exposed to many physicians overseas.

She moved to the U.S. at age 13, and later attended the University of California San Diego, then went to medical school at the University of Florida. Though her specialty is in ER, her love of children, keeps her excited about the new position in Naples.

“Nothing makes me happier than having a child come into the ER “broken” but leaving “fixed.” Unfortunately in the emergency department we don’t always have a confirmed diagnosis, but we can reassure parents that we have ruled out the “life threatening” issues,” Dr. Myers says. “My favorite part is comforting the parents who now know that their children are healthy, safe, not in pain, and being able to diagnose any problems and treat any issues that we have. All in all, it’s seeing happy smiling kids."