Straight Talk - "Summer of Progress"

June 28, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the NCH “Summer of Progress.”

We are busy throughout the system this summer with a host of building and renovation projects. Downtown we are redoing the main lobby, Telford Building, 5 South floor, and Administration. At North Naples we are adding two large operating rooms, filling in the courtyard, updating the Outpatient Infusion Center, moving Administration close to the main entrance, expanding the ER, and doubling the size of the Neonatal ICU.

Such progress is vital to a continually-improving environment of healing. All our projects are designed to make care more efficient and comfortable for our patients. We understand that renovations cause some inconvenience to colleagues and community. But the end result will be magnificent for patients and caregivers alike.

Most of the projects incorporate high tech in addition to high touch. The new rooms on 5 South will have conduits in place for Smart Room technology. We already have much of this technology installed on the 5th and 6th floors of the Baker Tower with full installation scheduled for later this summer.

These Smart Rooms help nurses, care technicians, and others with direct patient contact to provide safer care, better education for patients and families, and make everyone more efficient and effective. When a caregiver walks into a patient’s room, an electronic board outside the room announces him/her by flashing the caregiver’s name and photo on the flat screen TV. Simultaneously, another flat screen monitor behind the patient’s bed shows clinical information to the provider entering the room. The computer in the room knows the caregiver by a radio frequency ID and his/her fingerprint. Meanwhile, all of the intravenous pumps, vital sign monitoring equipment, and other digital information are captured seamlessly on the electronic medical record. Smart Rooms provide a quantum leap in patient care, and we will be installing them throughout most of our 715 beds at both hospitals. We will also provide a medical educational component, which shares DVDs about illnesses and surgical procedures, so that patients and families can learn more about their conditions.

The North Naples Campus’ two new state-of-the-art operating rooms are needed to service patients staying in the 64 new private rooms, which increased the campus occupancy to an all-time high this past winter. The entire first floor of the hospital (originally 50 beds, now 325), built in 1989, is being redone with a new surgical waiting room, surgical support services, and radiology upgrade. The décor and ambience of the renovated Downtown Naples Campus is, meanwhile, beautiful and scenic.

NCH is the largest employer in Collier County ( making us a huge economic stimulator. Adding to this influence is our spending over $65 million on construction over the past two years with another $96 million anticipated over the next three years. Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding as the summer renovations proceed. I assure you that the comfortable, inviting and high tech healthcare environment that will aid our local economy and serve our patients will be well worth the wait.


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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