Weight Loss Struggles: How Exercise Can Help

Weight Loss Struggles: How Exercise Can Help

By Jean Amodea

Exercising on your own is difficult. Self-initiated fitness regimens don’t hold our interest for long, and many quickly revert to poor eating and lifestyle habits.

However, participating in a supervised fitness program at one of two popular NCH Wellness Centers provides valuable benefits, said Bill Wendling, wellness program coordinator.

“We create customized exercise plans with a variety of classes such as Spinning, aerobics, strength training and more, all without the distractions of exercising at home,” he said. “Instructors lead classes in a safe, structured format with lots of support, camaraderie
and motivation.”

Each facility offers 45,000-square-feet of space to achieve fitness or rehabilitation goals. Since weight loss is a primary goal, members are guided to programs that focus on the loss of body fat rather than weight.

“By adding muscle, you can increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories, even at rest. Through exercise, you increase lean body mass and muscle, and decrease body fat by expending more calories than consumed,” Wendling explained.

“Following a practical and safe plan of exercise and diet, one can lose one-and-a-half to two pounds a week. Eating habits and lifestyle changes can then be assimilated gradually and lead to greater weight loss,” he said.

To lose one pound per week of body fat, one must reduce caloric intake by 500 calories a day. Adding aerobic exercise such as walking or strength training can increase lean body mass and increase caloric expenditure, even at rest.

Such activities help to burn calories and elevate metabolic rate for several hours after the exercise or doing aerobics.

A test to determine resting metabolic rate (RMR) measures caloric burn while at rest and is usually expressed as the number of calories a person would burn in 24 hours if just lying in bed doing nothing.

Because muscle is an active metabolic body component, expanding muscle mass will increase the RMR and therefore increase caloric loss. The RMR test, used to better plan individual fitness programs, is available at both facilities. First-time guests can enjoy a free seven-day trial membership with proof of Florida residency.