Straight Talk - "Glowing reports of heroic efforts"

January 10, 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The new year is barely one week old, and already I am receiving glowing reports of heroic efforts from NCH caregivers. Here are two.

Surgical Nursing Director Robin McCarl-Galbavy, RN, MHM, sent the following email about the work of John D’Zurilla, 2 North RN:

    “We had a patient code [heart stopped] unexpectedly while in the bathroom today. John carried the large man back to his bed. He called a code and immediately began compressions. John remained actively involved in the lengthy code, assisting with meds, equipment and performing CPR. He was an outstanding member of this resuscitative effort. Both Drs. David Lindner and Howard Cohen praised him for his effort and excellent performance.

    “John extubated [removed the breathing tube used in the resuscitation] the patient and stayed close as a priest arrived to comfort the family, who had recently lost their son. It was a difficult moment as the wife of 60 years kissed her husband goodbye. John was wonderful with the patient and cared for his family after he died. I was really proud of him today. I know that you would have been too. John is a relatively new nurse but a special one for us all.”

Sheila Moore, Practice Manager of Naples Heart Institute, forwarded the following from a couple visiting Naples on vacation:

    “We were sidelined in Naples with emergency triple bypass, open heart surgery . . . a frightening, unexpected obstacle. How could you make such an experience feel like less of a nightmare? But the surgery went perfectly, and the care was exceptional. We felt truly blessed. We felt absolutely taken care of.

    “Each and every one of you arrived with a caring smile. It made ALL the difference. We will forever remember your support, quick wit, intelligence and dedication.

    “To our amazing surgeon, Dr. Robert Pascotto, and our incredible cardiologist, Dr. Michael Flynn—you have both given us a new lease on life and we are forever grateful. A special thanks for Todd Elrick and Amanda Barnes from the Cardiovascular Recovery Unit—you were the first to take care of us, and your kindness helped so much (even though we had to listen to Todd’s rantings about the football Vikings!)

    “Up on the 6 North floor, a big shout out to Sharon Farley, Anna Theophin, Fifi Cange, Allison Beaudette, Yolette Donassien, and especially Vinny Acunto. You all gave us so much love and caring and patience. Phenomenal job to you all. And if we’ve forgotten anyone, we’re sorry . . . but when we reflect on all of you, we remember each of your faces.”

These stories of caring—above-and-beyond the call of duty—have happily become commonplace at NCH. This is what we do. We cure, we care, and we comfort. Thank you all, for all you do.


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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