Monthly Health E-News April 2013

April 2013

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Breast Health News

Breast Cancer May Be More Deadly for Some Women
Breast cancer doesn't discriminate. Women of all ages, races, and ethnicities - men, too - can develop it.  Read More

Diabetes Health News

Diabetes and Depression: A Troubling Connection
How you feel physically can certainly influence how you feel mentally - and vice-versa. A prime example of that connection is diabetes and depression.Read More

For Your Child News

Energy Drinks: Not a Good Choice for Children
They're labeled with compelling names, such as Monster Energy and Rockstar.Read More

Heart Care News

4 Heart-Related Conditions You Can Work to Prevent
Here's a heart-stuttering statistic: Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. dies from heart disease.Read More

Men's Health News

Easing Your Concerns About a Prostate Exam
Visiting your doctor may not always be the most pleasant experience, especially if you need to have a digital rectal exam, or DRE.Read More

Mind & Body News

The Total-Body Toll of Obesity
Many Americans realize that obesity is more than a cosmetic concern. A recent poll found that 78 percent knew that obesity can raise the risk for heart disease.Read More

Women's Health News

Binge Drinking: A Woman's Health Concern
Many women drink alcohol - whether it's to celebrate a special event or maybe to relax with friends. Read More