Straight Talk - "Top Performers"

February 6, 2014

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

There’s a good reason why NCH has earned a reputation as a top-tier healthcare center: We’ve got lots of top performers.

The latest proof of that came in a letter I received from Mary Smith, principal of Vineyards Elementary School.

“It gives me great pleasure to write this letter. I am a member of NCH Wellness Center on the corner of Immokalee and Airport Road. On Monday, January 20, 2014, I observed the most beautiful act of kindness that I have seen in a very long time.
“As I started my workout, I heard loud talking a short distance from me. I looked and there were two gentlemen in the bike area. A trainer, named Joe Pitrone, was assisting a gentleman with special needs on the bike. Joe was very compassionate, patient, encouraging, and praising. At the next station, another trainer by the name of Anthony Grech, joined them to work with the gentleman. Antony was a carbon copy of Joe; they cared and wanted the gentleman to succeed and feel good about his exercise.
“Often times, adults with ‘special need’ are left out and not included. That was not the case Monday.
Both trainers are assets to your organization. If we had more Joes and Anthonys, the world would be a better place! Kudos to them!”

I couldn’t agree more, Mary. And thank you for writing. We’re lucky at NCH to have so many outstanding colleagues like Joe and Anthony, who are recognized by the patients and families as top performers.

Last week, in fact, we recognized some 30 of these NCH “Heroes and Legends” at a special celebration thanking them for their good deeds. Phyllis Jinright and Lynn Thorn from registration shared their story of an interview one year ago when Phyllis was hired. Phyllis’ summary comment on her daily work as a registrar since then: “I continue to make my mark one patient at a time.” Phyllis was being recognized for compliments from our patients regarding how she went above and beyond to assist them with billing issues in their time of need.

Our top performers, both clinical and supportive staff, also like to learn and share. In December, 30 NCH colleagues presented best practices at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement conference. We also have more than 100 top performers participating in Clinical Ladder Programs, educational stepping-stones to becoming better clinicians. Programs have been formed in nursing, respiratory therapy, surgical technology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, with more clinical ladders on the way.

The more top NCH performers, the better for all of us who live and work here. As I have shared many times before, the world of healthcare has become an increasingly competitive world, especially as we experience decreased reimbursement from major payers such as Medicare. So our community can benefit from all the top performers NCH can turn out, each helping our neighbors live longer, better, healthier lives, by “making their mark one patient at a time.”


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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