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The NCH Safe and Healthy Children’s Coalition was awarded $58,00

The NCH Safe and Healthy Children’s CoalitionThe NCH Safe and Healthy Children’s Coalition was awarded $58,000 towards the SWIM Central program on March 24, 2014 by the Naples Children & Education Foundation/Wine Festival.

The 2014 grant will continue to fund the drowning prevention/water safety programming initiated by the NCH Safe and Healthy Children’s Coalition.  The SWIM Central program provides layers of protection through water safety education for at-risk and underserved families and provides water safety lessons for 1,000 children.

The NCH Safe and Healthy Children’s Coalition SWIM Central program is supervised by professional aquatic directors and staffed with qualified instructors and lifeguards.  SWIM Central provides a session of ten 30-minute lessons over a 2-week period.  Each session begins with an evaluation of each child’s water safety skills.  After an initial evaluation, the children are split into groups and work individually to develop water safety skills at their own pace.  There is a maximum ratio of one instructor for every 6 children, but generally the ratio is much lower and all children receive individualized attention.  At the end of the session, the children are evaluated again.  Not only do the children learn  a life saving skill, they also start to develop a healthy relationship with the water that can open doors of opportunity.