Past, Present, Future-

One Doctor Exhibits the Importance of All Three

"You have to know the past to appreciate the present,” Dr. Chris Papadopoulos says.

“I’m a cardiologist, and I became curious to learn more about the evolution of the stethoscope. I began studying and collecting them over the course of 35 years,” he says. “The more you collect, the more excited you get and the more you know about medical history."

”Dr. Papadopoulos’ collection has been displayed in a variety of locations for the benefit of the medical community. But after he moved from Baltimore, Md., to Naples for retirement, he decided that NCH would be the permanent home for the extensive and rare collection.

“I donated my collection to the hospital because NCH had the proper environment,” Dr. Papadopoulos says. “They have educational programs and different educational meetings so accomplished physicians, nurses and health care providers can stop and think on the past…and I can still visit it now and then.

”In addition to bringing an appreciation for the past to NCH, Dr. Papadopoulos chose to contribute to its future through a gift in his estate plan.

“The need for community financial support, especially in these times of complex healthcare and high health costs, is obvious. No community can flourish and have all the things that are needed unless people give of their time, skill or treasure,” Dr. Papadopoulos says.

“Community members have to support a place that provides the care that they may need at any time, and the availability and quality of medical services is of utmost importance. An annual contribution or bequest from those who can afford it can go a long way.”

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