Meet the PGY-3 Residents

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Nachelle Aurelien, MD

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Matthew Dorman, DO

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Alison Fernandes, MD

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Teng Hui, MD

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Eric Micallef, MD

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Rachel Miranda, MD

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Ellen Mooney, DO

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Daniel Morales, MD

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Zakia Rauf, MD

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Jared Schprechman, MD

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Lesly Silva, MD

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Julia Skettini, DO
Resident Highlights
"I chose this hospital because I wanted to be part of an institution that has such a warm vibrant atmosphere. Being a resident physician at NCH has been a dream come true. Every person involved in patient care that I've come across has been so dedicated to making me the best medical provider I can be. This is the best internal medicine residency in the country ." Jared Schprechman
"Naples community Hospital was my first choice out of many highly regarded programs. From my first interview, I realized that everyone involved in the inception of this residency program [faculty, staff, and community leaders] was absolutely invested in the future success of its residents. Also, the affiliation with Mayo clinic assured me that my medical training was going to be superb. " Daniel Morales
"NCH is a wonderful place to be and I personally feel so fortunate as a resident physician to be a part of such an exceptional institution. Everyone I've worked with is friendly, supportive and motivated to learn. Our collective cooperation and dedication to education allow us to take excellent care of our patients. I am proud to be a part of this program!" Julia Skettini
"I chose NCH because I wanted to be part of a new program so that I could cultivate from the beginning a culture of caring and fun between the residents and future residents. I wanted to help put my stamp on a program that would be known for its compassionate residents.

Being a resident here is awesome. The facility legitimately cares about you as a person and as a physician. Each member is dedicated to your growth as a physician. I love Dr. Walsh my faculty mentor. The mentor system is great for helping you as a new doctor navigate all the twists and turns on this journey." Matthew Dorman
"Why I chose NCH- I liked the balanced schedule , the program director and staff were very hospitable and genuine . I also chose it because it is affiliated with Mayo clinic and I was informed about the program by a physician I worked with at Mayo, Jacksonville." Alison Fernandes
"As a soon to be physician in 4th year medical school I had to question myself about how I wanted my future residence work place to be like. I had this dreamy ideas of a hospital that could provide me with a teaching environment, with intense training, and where I could be exposed to rare cases while maintaining a work life balance. Well, NCH has given me all of that and much more! In my first week as an intern I was able to diagnose a patient with an Insulinoma, a rare tumor with an incidence of 1 to 4 cases per million persons in 1 year. This gave me the opportunity to treat such a rare case while submitting my first abstract in the early stages of my career. Moreover, I'm very fortunate to be working at a place where i'm treated like family, where I can find support in not only my colleagues but the program as a whole. Everyone genuinely cares about each other and the program makes sure we have all the tools we need to succeed as physicians. For these reasons and more i'm proud and honored to be part of NCH." Lesly Silva
"NCH was my #1 choice for residency because this program felt like home. I found in NCH a faculty comprised of passionate and genuine attendings who are devoted to teaching. Great leadership presides over NCH, captained by Dr. Graeber. His kindness and sincerity are apparent from the moment we met, and I am grateful to have a program director that I can speak to about anything, from his love of nephrology, to concerns over a patient, to food and baseball.
From the ICU with Dr. Harrington, to inpatient medicine with Dr. Quintero, to outpatient care with Dr. Walsh, there is a guiding hand and motivational force at every turn. I find in each a mentor, a parent, and a friend. To expound upon these exemplary attendings is to turn a simple answer into an essay, so back to the original question: I chose NCH because this program felt like home, and I have found, within the company of the faculty, staff, and my fellow residents, a family." Teng Hui