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Quick Action at Pediatric ED Saves 9-Month Old

Jun 14, 2019, Naples, FL |

Quick Action at Pediatric ED Saves 9-Year Old_Blog 2

When it comes to emergency medical care, time is mission critical. Most recently, the rapid response, diagnosis and medical action of Dr. Colon and the team at the Pediatric Emergency Department saved the life of a critically-injured 9-month old.

The child came into the Emergency Department with a life-threatening skull fracture. The shift had resulted in bleeding in the brain and needed immediate attention. Inclement weather and an escalated timeline prevented an airlift to a pediatric neurosurgery facility, so the NCH team was called into action.

Dr. Colon was called and without hesitation accepted the injured child into the Downtown Emergency Room. NCH North Naples sent a pediatric ED nurse and the pediatric intensivist with the child during the transfer while Colon prepared for a craniotomy. The quick thinking and activity by Dr. Brito and team was able to save the child’s life.