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Pluralistic Philosophy with Physicians Creates Better Care

Aug 23, 2019, Naples, FL |

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At NCH, everything starts with the quality care and experience of our patients. Our goal is to allow this patient-first mindset to define all of our actions now and into the future. One of the best ways to realize this goal is through strong collaboration between administrative leadership of the hospital system, the complete medical staff and the community. NCH CEO and President, Paul Hiltz refers to this collaboration and openness as a “pluralistic philosophy”.

According to Mr. Hiltz, “The best possible care comes when we allow the healthcare community to actually act like a community. We want our patients to have the best care in the country. That means our system must welcome outside resources as collaborators focused on creating the best outcomes for each patient we serve.”

NCH focuses on this open philosophy of care by welcoming physicians who work in private practices, group practices and multi-specialty practices to be fully involved in the care of their patients who have been admitted. This collaborative working philosophy will only grow in strength as Mr. Hiltz executes his vision for the future of the NCH system.

“You can’t underestimate the trusted relationships between doctors and patients that are built over time.” Said, Morton Bertram, MD. “When doctors are allowed to be involved with their patients at every step the result is always stronger care and better patient experiences.”

The idea of a pluralistic philosophy isn’t only about access, however. It’s also about opening up a broader sharing of ideas between healthcare professionals with unique backgrounds.

“Those on the front lines of patient care can see the healthcare story from a very different angle. It’s valuable to hear a different perspective when thinking about the future of NCH.” said, Paul Jones, MD. “The health system’s leadership is setting a strong vision for the future and we’re very excited they are so open to physicians inside and outside of the system being an integral part of executing that vision.”

At NCH, our goal is to be known nationally as one of the finest community health systems in the country. We’ll only reach that goal if the full healthcare community is engaged with a common focus that puts the patient first. With a strong medical staff and open and visionary leadership, NCH is entering a new and exciting chapter in its history.