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Straight Talk
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Nov 2, 2017
Dear Mrs. [Dr.] Ramos, Thank you for helping me feel better. I really liked the hospital and the nurses too. I loved the playroom and the movies. I wish all kids who are sick feel better. Thank you for being a great doctor. Love, from a four-year-old transferred during Hurricane Irma from Physician’s Regional Medical Center (PRMC) with a liver laceration.

PRMC took in an appropriately frantic family whose four-year-old’s abdomen was struck accidentally as Irma was bearing down on Naples early Sunday afternoon, September 10th.  Dr. Hunter Brown, PRMC ER MD called Dr. Carmen Ramos who was embedded in the MacDonald SeaCarium for advice.  Before the phones died, Dr. Ramos shared the care management.  About 11 PM, as soon as travel permitted, the youngster transferred over to the SeaCarium where the patient, a sibling, and parents resided for the next four days.

Dr. Ramos has been with NCH since April 1st doing pediatric surgery, making a difference every day.  On a recent Monday six children had successful surgery, following three emergent surgeries over the weekend.  Patients’ problems ranged from simple appendectomies to moderate trauma. 

Importantly, Dr. Ramos takes a team approach and understands even though she is most times getting the kudos from grateful parents and their children, nothing can happen without the dozens of colleagues who interact and share the common goal of caring for the young patients.

Anesthesiologists Dr. Bruce Caldwell and Dr. Robert Statfeld are most involved because they have completed pediatric anesthesia fellowships.  Over a weekend with emergencies, some of our other anesthesiologists and Certified Nurse Anesthetists also help.  In our recent weekend example, Dr. Lee Anderson cared for a few of the patients.

On the recent Monday with six children having successful surgery, Dr. Ramos describe her team as “almost like a marriage,” with everyone in sync.  Operating Room RN Michael Vallimont and surgical tech Joe Gutierrez are focused on patient safety and positive surgical outcomes as well as efficiency.  Team work—being on the same page and having a smooth day—is an important characteristic. 

Pre- and Post-op care are also mission critical with defined protocols, specialized equipment, and extra-vigilance as patients range in age from babies to teenagers.  This particular weekend with Monday, the age range was two to twelve.  

Dr. Ramos also collaborates with our Pediatric Urologist, Dr. Michael Carr, when they do complex urological surgery together.  More about Dr. Carr’s expertise in an upcoming Straight Talk.

Parents are pleased that our nurses know their kids and understand everyone’s needs, thus helping these children live longer, happier, and healthier lives.


Allen Weiss, MD

President and CEO

You may contact Dr. Allen Weiss and The NCH Healthcare System by clicking here.