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Nov 16, 2017
This past Saturday night over four hundred loyal and generous supporters of NCH gathered at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort for the 59th NCH Ball dedicated to the renovation of the Baker Hospital Emergency Room, which was last updated over twenty years ago.

Chief Operating Officer Phil Dutcher surprised and pleased everyone with the following from his good friend and NCH colleague: 

“Dear Phil, My wife and I wish to stay anonymous for a short time longer, but we are very proud to say we will be giving a gift to NCH for the ED project.  Our gift will be a gift from my father.  We are proud of the fact that this will help the community for years to come by having one the best ED departments in the country.  My wife is a former employee, and I am still employed by NCH which makes this gift even more special.  We would like to thank everyone who is attending the NCH Ball to benefit this project.  As time moves on, we hope that the ED nurses and doctors as well benefit from the new ED by saving lives as they do every day.  The work they do on a daily basis is incredible to say the least.  We want to thank everyone who is and will be involved in this project.  Thank you.”  

Phil added: This is not a small gift; this lovely couple made a $5 million dollar pledge that will lead the project!

As has been our custom at the NCH Ball since 2001, the NCH Physician of the Year is announced along with the Nurses of the Year.  Neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Gerber who has practiced at NCH for seventeen years was recognized by the entire medical staff for the highest standards of excellence in clinical care, relationships with patients and colleagues, standards of moral and ethical excellence, conduct, and commitment to the needs of the community. 

Drs. Charles Graeber, Shawn Patterson, Carlos Quintero, Sajan Rao, James Talano, Ruta V. Totoraitis, and I were also 2017 Nominees and Honorees. 

Dr. Gary Swain received the COMPASS Award based on nominations by NCH colleagues.  “C” is for caring, compassion and collaboration. “O” is for open, objective and observant. “M” is for meticulous, mentor and model. “P” is for professional, pleasant and positive. “A” is for approachable, appreciative and positive attitude. “S” is for superior skills, standards and sociable. “S” is for special.

Nurses of the Year Honorees were: Therese Corsones, NCH Physician Group Hospitalist Team; Annamaria Gargano, Charge Nurse Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging & Rehabilitation; and Katie Matthews, Nurse Manager 5 South Orthopedics. 

A special thank you to our 2017 Chairs, Ann and Robert Stucker who have been among our strongest advocates, providing wise leadership, philanthropic backing, and broadening support among other community leaders and philanthropists.  The Stuckers helped elevate NCH from a community hospital to teaching institute. 

This year’s celebration dedicated to the Baker ER and recognizing clinical leaders will encourage all of us live longer, happier, and healthier lives.


Allen Weiss, MD

President and CEO

You may contact Dr. Allen Weiss and The NCH Healthcare System by clicking here.