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Feb 22, 2018
A good friend shared the following with me, illustrating that pediatric care is always available and close to home (lightly edited for HIPAA compliance).

“I wanted to follow up and let you know how wonderful the care was at North Naples Hospital this weekend—specifically the Peds ER and the surgical services area.


Bringing my son in late on a Saturday evening, I was impressed with the efficiency of the staff and the process.  We checked in at the desk and were directed very quickly into the pediatric waiting room.  From there, it was only a minute or two until we ushered back into a room for him to get examined.  My husband hadn’t even arrived inside after parking the car before my son and I were already back in an exam room and speaking to the nurse and physician. 


Throughout the years, I have seen the positive comments and excellent patient satisfaction scores for the Peds ER, but it is one thing to know that in the abstract and quite another to encounter it as a family member.  The staff members were phenomenal and went out of their way to make my son comfortable with the situation, to get him examined, and to get the appropriate tests done in a timely manner.  Absolutely everyone we encountered was positive and helpful.  Megan Mulholland and Dr. Christopher Bartruff were the first to care for him followed by a wonderful ultrasound tech, Karen Marron and later another nurse, Michael Casey Kinkade.  It would be easy for a 15-year-old kid to feel uncomfortable (especially given that this was a urologic emergency) or scared, but all the caregivers were respectful and kind.


Dr. Michael Carr was called in and arrived very quickly to put together a plan of action.  When my son was younger, he had to have a hernia repair and at that time, we had to take him to Ft. Myers because there were no pediatric urologists here.  Now having someone on call and nearby for Collier County’s kids is truly life-changing. 


When we were brought to the pre-op area right before the surgery, it was a little odd to see a normal bustling area so quiet since we were the only ones back there, but the staff could not have been more caring and kind as they prepared my son for the procedure.  Although I know the staff is ‘on call’—we all know that they probably keep their fingers crossed that they don’t need to come in, especially at midnight on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I appreciate that they all cared for us in the same way they would have any other time—you never would have known it was the middle of the night.  They were all so considerate in explaining things to him in a way that he would understand (after the surgery as well) but also taking his age into account so they weren’t talking down to him.


As we were leaving the hospital well after 2 am, my son wanted to make sure that we gave a positive review for NCH (he suggested Yelp, but I told him I would do it another way) as he thought everyone was so great to him and helped him to feel better quickly.  He realized that any delay in his diagnosis and treatment would have meant more pain and longer recovery or a poor outcome, and he was very grateful that we have the professionals we need here to take care of so many emergencies.  He wanted to make sure that I mentioned that all the caregivers in both the ER and the OR were very kind to him, that he appreciated they treated him with respect, and that they listened to him when he told them how he was feeling.  Even though they couldn’t completely take away the pain prior to his surgery, he knew they were listening and responding to him and that helped him to get through it.  All of his care was above and beyond anything we could have expected or hoped for, and we are so grateful.  Thanks so very much.”


Another wonderful example of caring and competent folks helping everyone—in this instance, a teenager—live a longer, happier, and healthier life.


Allen Weiss, MD

President and CEO

You may contact Dr. Allen Weiss and The NCH Healthcare System by clicking here.