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Straight Talk
A weekly update from management on the issues that matter most.

Apr 12, 2018
No one is perfect, and everyone has opportunities to improve. NCH is no exception; thus, we invited five couples to share feedback about their loved ones’ recent hospital experience. The observations were mixed, mostly positive, with some important concerns. Board Chair Mariann MacDonald and Chief Experience Officer Gary Tomcik joined in this learning experience. Comments were lightly edited to include as many as possible.
Excellent nursing care and education
Being welcomed to the floor
Set expectations as early as possible
Growing staff with well-trained physicians
Food portions too large [save money]
Too many acronyms
Discharge process should be faster
Discharge instructions should be more complete
Hospitals are full of surprises
IV pumps are noisy [new ones pending]
Marketing should connect with seasonals
Too much spent on marketing
Robust translation services
People still think care “up north” is better [one of seven in-patients come from outside our region]
My consulting physician showed up three days late, was disheveled, and complained about going to four hospitals

Teaching Hospital with Mayo Affiliation
Surgical waiting room needs an attendant late in the day
Multigenerational institution
Scheduling delays for some diagnostic tests
Develop internal GPS for wayfinding
Pediatric ER sees over 5,000 children/year
Develop out-patient oncology services
My blood pressure was taken in the wrong arm
Needed more help with activities of daily living
Not a precision business
Expand Chapel for overflow Sunday Mass
Quiet at night a challenge with confused patients
Communication among patients, family & caregivers
Transportation could be quicker
Share Community Assessment by NCH
“Straight Talk” should have a wider circulation [we touch thousands already]

Passionate and never left my side when I was in the ICU; was a very ill patient’s comment after recovery, referring to ICU RN Ellison Warner—a take-home statement because our team strives to help everyone live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

JUST A QUICK REMINDER:  Dan Buettner will be speaking this coming Monday, April 16th, at FGCU’s Alico Arena (12181 FGCU Lake Pkwy E, Fort Myers, FL 33913). The schedule is as follows.  Doors open at 5 PM.  Beginning at 6 PM, NY Times bestselling author Dan Buettner will share lessons from around the world on how to live a longer, healthier, and happier life.  Following the program and a Q&A with Dan, Blue Zones Project will celebrate National Walking Day by hosting a very short community walk around the beautiful campus boardwalk.  Click on the link below to reserve a seat:

Allen Weiss, MD

President and CEO

You may contact Dr. Allen Weiss and The NCH Healthcare System by clicking here.