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Aug 9, 2018
A few weeks ago I received the following email from Donna Johnson, DNP, RN, and adjunct member of the FGCU Nursing Faculty, who shared the following from ten FGCU nursing students after their first experience with “live” patients.

“For the past 10 weeks, I have had the pleasure working as a clinical nursing adjunct for Florida Gulf Coast University with the Adult 1 nursing students on the 6th floor at North Collier on Thursdays and Fridays.  This was their first acute care experience.


I would like to convey how outstanding of a unit this floor has been in displaying professionalism, teamwork, and a positive nursing role model for these students.  Each week—for two days a week I might add—these students and I have been well received as team members on the 6th floor caring for patients.  All of your staff, including the nurses and techs, work together in tandem ensuring patient safety and positive patient care outcomes.  


My students have decorated the staff lounge bulletin board as a gesture of appreciation with their thoughts and comments about this experience, noting key concepts they have learned over these past 10 weeks.  Some of these include patient advocacy, professionalism, positive atmospheres, always being welcomed as a student, excellent patient safety, safe medication administration, ‘no passing zone,’ and of course an atmosphere of true teamwork!


With this being our last week, I wanted to convey these thoughts of appreciation to a higher level on behalf of these students.  Each week has been an exceptional learning experience.  NCH should be very proud of this unique unit and the outstanding mentorship of these future nurses.


On behalf of the students and myself, we would like to award the entire day staff on the 6th floor with a unit Daisy award.  Thank you for this incredible opportunity and experience.”   


“Fantastic, exciting, great mentorship, unique experience, just like the textbooks and classroom explanations described but better and more exciting in real life,” were some of the comments from FGCU students Melanie Brewer and Rebecca Clark.  Melanie grew up in Naples and had worked in a few medical offices as a Medical Assistant, so her first “head to toe” physical was not as daunting as Rebecca’s experience.  Nursing instructor Johnson was with them every step of the way. 


NCH Mentor RN Dawn Saeger loves seeing the students’ faces when they see something new such as a large surgical wound.  Helping very nervous students out of their comfort zones, these first ten weeks of nursing won’t be forgotten as these students’ careers progress. 


Nurturing the young has been a hallmark of NCH as we grow the next generation of care-givers.  Extending to out-patient areas, FGCU Physical Therapy student Mitchell Todd is just finishing a semester with Joshua Lewis as his mentor.  Mitchell shared that the patients’ respect for Joshua rubbed off on him as he progressed.  In learning organizations, while the students and teachers share mutual education, patients benefit, thus helping everyone live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

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Allen Weiss, MD

President and CEO

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