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Nov 21, 2018
We asked our team leaders, “Why we do what we do.” With their answers, we created a word cloud reflecting common replies.

Word cloud ST

We asked our team leaders, “Why we do what we do.”  With their answers, we created the word cloud above reflecting common replies.  Our 4,845 dedicated, compassionate, and competent colleagues, who are also our friends, neighbors, and in some cases family members, also share in this expression of their “why.”  In our honorable profession, we don’t have to invent a noble cause for what we do; healing is our passion.  These responses can be viewed at  


This Thanksgiving and always our goal is simple: to help everyone live a longer, happier, and healthier life.


Allen Weiss, MD

President and CEO

You may contact Dr. Allen Weiss and The NCH Healthcare System by clicking here.