This Is My Story

Featured: Susan Solomon
"I don't know if I would be here today, if first my husband hadn't recognized the signs of what was going on and that Dr. AbuAwad was able to do this procedure on me" - NCH patient Susan Solomon

NCH has the most awarded Stroke Center in Southwest Florida and is the only Joint Commission-certified Stroke Center in Collier County.  NCH also has a Comprehensive Stroke Center designation through the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Visit our Stroke Center web page to learn more about the risk factors for strokes. 

NCH Neurosurgery patient,
Bertin Silva

NCH Cardiology patient,
Dr. Frank Boucek

NCH Stroke Center patient,
Susan Solomon

NCH Orthopedics patient,
Mike Kobel

NCH Bariatric patient,
Nyleen Flores

NCH Rehab patient,
Boomer Hornbeck

NCH Center for Breast Health patient,
Holly DiGilarmo

NCH Center for Breast Health patient,
Crystal Horrell

NCH Cardiac Surgery patient,
Willie Marius

NCH Stroke patient,
Ed Zore

NCH Orthopedics patient,
Chris V