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Featured: Bertin Silva
"I'm just so thankful for what Dr. Valle did. He gave me excellent care, he saved my life, and everyone in the hospital did such a good job taking care of me. I'm so thankful" - NCH patient Bertin Silva

Diseases and disorders of the brain, spine and nervous system often involve serious symptoms and complex treatment. Our skilled neurosurgery team is here to treat you or a loved one who may be suffering from injuries or diseases of the brain, spine and related nerves.

Our specialized team employs the latest treatments and techniques to ensure we are prepared for every possibility and improve surgical outcomes. Our team of experienced and caring doctors, nurses and staff use minimally invasive surgical options to treat a comprehensive variety of neurological disorders. We provide high-quality care for conditions that range from common to complex.

NCH Neurosurgery patient,
Bertin Silva

NCH Orthopedics patient,
Mike Kobel

NCH Bariatric patient,
Nyleen Flores

NCH Rehab patient,
Boomer Hornbeck

NCH Center for Breast Health patient,
Holly DiGilarmo

NCH Center for Breast Health patient,
Crystal Horrell

NCH Cardiac Surgery patient,
Willie Marius

NCH Stroke patient,
Ed Zore

NCH Orthopedics patient,
Chris V