The Patient Experience

How satisfied a patient is with their experience at Brookdale is just as important as the recovery outcome. The National Research Corporation surveys patients and families after discharge for feedback on their experience

Actual Patient Comments:

"I can see so many faces who treated me as a friend, as well as a patient.  I will not list names-to many or should I say all.  Entire staff nursing, aides, therapists, doctors, even interns all so caring.  You must give personality tests to work at Brookdale.  I still think bingo was rigged, but I won't report you."

"I cannot say enough about the wonderful care I received.  They had to prepare me for several days at our condo as well as our flight home to PA"

"I was impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff, exceptional!"

"It was excellent!  This rehab facility was completely responsible for my progress and return home!!  I feel so blessed to have been a patient there".


Brookdale Patient Satisfaction Scores