Wide Bore MRI

Wide BoreWide bore MRI systems combine the optimized comfort of conventional open bore machine with the high-quality imaging of a conventional closed bore system.  For many years, the only option for a large number of patients was a conventional open MRI.  However, open MRI does not produce the same high-quality images. The introduction of Siemens’ Espree — a 70-cm, wide bore MRI —created a brand new MRI technology. This new technology available at NCH Imaging - Bonita provides an option for higher quality images, better diagnostic ability and a lot less claustrophobic feel than before.


  • Expands care to wider range of patients (ie. claustrophobic or obese patients)
  • Superior, high-quality imaging never before seen with open MRI
  • Short scanner enables head-out or feet-first for most exams
  • Short scan times


Bonita Springs - Medical Center

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