Oncology Services

We offer comprehensive cancer care for our adult population of Southwest Florida. Our program consists of inpatient oncology, outpatient oncology and a breast health navigator program. We work with an extraordinary team of highly trained and experienced physicians – the Florida Cancer Specialists provide care to medical oncology and hematology patients. The 21st Century Oncology group provides state of the art radiation therapy.

Along with our physician groups, we offer several locations to provide excellent care and make our services more convenient for you.

Our team consists of dedicated, compassionate and experienced nurses, support staff, social workers and pharmacist. Our care includes diagnostics, treatment, symptom management, physical, emotional and spiritual support for you and your loved ones.

Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis. We are here to provide the highest level of compassionate care. Together, we will join you in your fight against cancer!

OPIS Study

NCH Healthcare System is continually striving to improve patient satisfaction while providing excellent cancer care. The following study was done to improve wait time in the outpatient infusion setting to facilitate better flow through the treatment area. As a result, there was a 35% decrease in wait time and a 96% improvement in chemotherapy patients arriving within 15 minutes of appointment time. The OPIS study was selected as a best practice and presented to Institute for Healthcare Improvements, IHI.

NCH Oncology Services Include: