Patient Testimonial Videos

Watch brief videos of some of Dr. Kapp's patients and learn about their experiences with total joint replacements.


Celine discusses how Dr. Kapp helped her return to playing golf after enduring years of hip pain.


Geoff discusses his experience with Dr. Kapp for his knee and hip replacements.


Jean describes how Dr. Kapp's treatment allows her to perform many activities she couldn't do before.


Jennings describes how Dr. Kapp's double knee surgery allowed him to play tennis pain-free.


Kent talks about the years of pain he had to endure in his hips which prevented him from enjoying his active lifestyle. After Dr. Kapp performed double knee replacement, Kent was able to return to his normal activities and feels better than ever.


Mary discusses how her passion for bowling was impacted by severe knee pain. With Dr. Kapp's help, she was able to return to winning form.


Sandra describes her experience with Dr. Kapp and how he was able to change her life with a knee replacement surgery.